The Morning News: Yep, The Skins Lost.

The weekend’s over already? Yeah, I guess it is. Fortunately for us, it’s no longer an ice-box out there. Expect highs in the 60s today and tomorrow, and the 50s the rest of the week. You could say, “Hey, Global Warming ain’t so bad!” but chances are that’s not what this is. Into the news we go.

Redskins Try Hard, Still Lose

If it’d just been the fourth quarter. Then they could’ve won. Well, actually, they still lost the fourth quarter 22-14. But still, they looked like a good squad until the Seahawks woke up and scored 22 unanswered points to finish off the Redskins’ season. It’s okay, Skins fans, next year will be your year.

Target is Coming! Target is Coming!

Well, we know that Target is coming, we’ve talked about this before. But they’re now recruiting people for 320 jobs at the store that will open in March. Cashiers, shelf-stockers and “overnight logistics”. While the location has been controversial, at least it’s not a Wal-mart, right?

Redrawing the Flood Zones

If you live in Southwest, or work near Federal Triangle, you might find yourself up to your knees in water at some point. According to FEMA, the Mall area and Federal Triangle, and much of Southwest are now Flood Zones. This means you may need to look into flood insurance if you don’t have it already, as there’s a mandate to require property owners have flood insurance in these zones. The scary part is why it’s being done: “FEMA is revising the maps in cities that cannot prove local levees will work in a flood. The maps are redrawn as if the levees didn’t exist.” Yeah. Those levees in DC? We can’t prove they work, so you’re boned in case of a flood!

Victims in Unifest Mayhem to Testify Tomorrow

Six months ago, Tonya Bell, high on crack, drove through Unifest on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Southeast DC. Tomorrow, her victims will testify before the court as part of her trial. The Post has a moving set of interviews and photographs of the victims of the tragedy.

Hannah Montana’s in town

All those teenage girls screaming? That’s Hannah Montana. Near as the music world can tell, she’s the next Britney Spears (only, without the troubling drug/alcohol/police problem.) She’s actually Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter, which is something I both found hysterical and a little troubling. But yeah, stay away from the Verizon Center tonight, it’s going to be all manner of fubar with various suburban groups driving into the incredibly crowded area right when you’ll be trying to get home. Want Tickets? Get out your organ donation forms. Tickets for the show start at $208 on StubHub, and go as high as $795 apiece for floor seats. For a kids act. Perspective, people.

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