The Morning News: Losses Grow

Metro’s On Time? Not So Much.

It is said that the Italians tolerated Mussolini because the trains ran on time. Maybe Metro needs to look into that sort of customer mollification? According to the Post, Metro’s been in a 17-month performance slide in terms of their on-time record. Not once in those 17 months have they met their 95% benchmark for on-time trains. Meanwhile, dissatisfaction with Metrorail is growing, with 30% more service disruptions this year over last.

Capital Police Officer Convicted on Kiddie Porn

15 years in jail goes to Sergeant Michael Malloy formerly of the U.S. Capitol Police for soliciting an underage girl to produce child pornography. That’s pretty classy, Sergeant. He’s also facing sexual assault charges in the District. Queue up Rilo Kiley’s “15” for the sentencing hearing of that one…

Could DC Child Welfare Have Prevented Four Homicides?

The four sisters who were found in an advanced state of decomposition in their Southeast DC home by the US Marshals who were serving an eviction notice were “Lost” by the Child Welfare System in DC. Asked to investigate truancy charges, the Child Welfare System just assumed they had left the area when no one answered the door, and left it at that. Sounds like some seriously piss-poor “investigative” skills over there. But that could just be me.

Kaine pushes for repeal of Abusive Driver Fees

Citing no reduction in traffic infractions, accidents and fatalities on the roads of Virginia, Governor Kaine has recommended the fees be repealed. Of course, they’re not on pace to meet their $60M in fundraising for the state, either, but I bet that’s got nothing to do with it. Wonder how much it made Del. David Albo in legal fees, though?

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