The Morning News: The Past is the Present

It’s chilly out there this morning, so I hope you brought your coat and gloves. Should be much like this through the rest of the week. Look out at the weekend for the longterm forecast, and it’s going to be really freakin’ cold. Like, stay inside and don’t do anything cold. Just be aware. On to the news, where everything that’s old is new again…

Police Have Break in 1996 Missing Persons Case

DC Police have a major announcement in the 1996 Shaquita Bell case. Bell’s been missing, presumed dead, for 11 years with no leads. Apparently, the MPD is going to announce that Bell’s boyfriend Michael Dickerson was involve in her disappearance, and was likely her murderer. They have a 10:30 conference planned to detail what they believe happened.

Montgomery County Changes Homeless Plan

In 2002, Montgomery County vowed to end homelessness within 10 years. Six years later, and with the homeless population at the same rate as at the signing of the law, they’re changing their plan to help fight homelessness. Using $4 Million from the Housing Initiative Fund, they will pay for rent subsidies and other services to help combat homelessness.

Police Arrest Teller in Odd Bank Robberies

Last week we talked about an odd bank robbery involving a security guard walking out with $370,000. It was one of two of those type of bank robbery in the DC area that day. Turns out, it may have been one of the tellers who was the ringleader for the robberies. She was arrested yesterday after they found a list of names with dollar amounts that approximated the total stolen.

Folks, this is why you use computers and secure erase, mmmkay?

MPD to Increase Presence

This one sounds like a broken record. I know we’ve heard this strain before, but MPD has announced a plan to increase their presence in Adams Morgan and Shaw. Who knows if the outdoor roll calls and beat paths will help stave off violent crime. We will, in about 6 months, be able to tell, I imagine.

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