The Morning News: Decisions, Decisions…

It’s chilly this morning, and there’s talk of “wintry mix” for tomorrow afternoon. Bring a coat and some gloves today, it’s going to be breezy and chilly. Remember, we’re in January, despite last week’s balmy temperatures.

DC to finance $200M in SW Development

Mayor Fenty announced $200M in financing for the Southwest Waterfront yesterday, primarily for new parks, piers and infrastructure as part of the $1.1B project that’s being built there. Construction’s not due to start til 2010, so don’t get all excited just yet. Still, there’s hope that this will bring a few thousand construction jobs, plus a few thousand permanent jobs as this fills out.

Will There Be a Frequest Traveler Program at National?

The MWAA is deciding on a frequent passenger program for use at Washington National (DCA) and Washington Dulles (IAD) that would allow passengers with background checks to go through shorter screenings and fewer security procedures. Personally, I think this whole thing is a big ol’ crock, and that the TSA ought to reconsider the anal probing we all get before flying. It doesn’t make us safer, it’s just an employment program for a bunch of power-hungry morons who can’t see a laptop inside their bag, and love seeing me walk around stocking-footed.

While DC’s cutting back, Montgomery County is Expanding

With hearings this week to close 23 DC schools, it appears that Montgomery County is expanding their schools staff by 200, primarily for special education jobs for special needs children and English as a Second Language programs.

Maryland Legislators Look Twice at Speed Cameras

Maryland Transportation Secretary John Porcari is excited about Speed Cameras as a way to keep speeds down in Maryland Construction Zones, while the rest of us see them as money traps. The legislature isn’t all that excited about the idea of putting a giant money trap out there, which is surprising, given the number of new taxation methods they voted into place this summer.

Noose? Hate Crime.

Displaying a Noose on your Property may become a Hate Crime in the state of Maryland. One of the legislative committee is examining the idea of making the display of a noose, or the placement of a noose on a person, a hate crime. All those haunted houses with ghosts hanging by nooses? Clearly hate crimes. Clearly.

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