The Morning News: Sloth is Next

It’s like a snow hangover here. I’m just not moving at full-speed today for whatever reason. More snow tomorrow, probably, and cold on Sunday. Get ready to deal.

If You Left Your 2 Year Old at Deanwood Metro Last Night…

…the Police would like a word with you. In addition, you might want to get that Parent of the Year application out. Dude. It was cold and crappy last night and you left your kid at the Metro. Seriously, WTF?

Dominion Starting Conservation Programs

Glad to see they’re setting their sights so high over at Dominion, they’re working to decrease power consumption by 10% over 14 years. It’s nice to see them try, though. Maybe that money might be better spent on a switchgrass reactor, guys?

Some Asshat With a Telephone Closed the World Bank

Yeah, I’m cranky this morning, but I just can’t abide a stupid bomb threat via telephone. Skinning is far too good for these guys.

Of Course the Parents Don’t Want You To Close Their Schools

Being at last night’s hearings must have been like passing a kidney stone without the benefits of modern pharmacy, I suspect. It sounds like they were an awful lot of fun. Between splitting the meeting across 23 sites (whose bright idea was that?!), the weather and the boycott likely depressed attendance. So, everyone’s feeling disenfranchised for reasons I’m sure we can all see. Corruption and Ineptitude. Alive and Well and Living in the Wilson Building…?

Maryland (eventually) Going to New Voting Machines

Gov. O’Malley has decided that Maryland will return to paper balloting in 2010 when machines will be available. Why exactly they’d spend $7M today on what’s not available for a good two years, I’m not exactly sure. But, as someone who feels that touchscreen voting is a disaster waiting to happen (not because of what some jackass in Ohio said, but because of the electronic recount measures. Put your tinfoil back on and go home.) I think this is probably the right decision. Shame they can’t get it done before the General Election in November.

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