The Morning News: SOTU Hangover Edition

Here’s hoping you didn’t play the SOTU drinking game last night, too. It seems the local news media is definitely on the fence about things today, including some contradictory stories.

Rep. Davis to Retire (?)

Rep. Tom Davis (R-Vienna) is set to retire after 14 years in the House, according to the Examiner. However, according to WTOP, that decision has yet to be made, and it’s “not accurate, yet.” So, maybe he’s retiring, maybe he’s not?

Virginia to Repeal Drivers’ Fees (?)

WJLA says that the repeal of fees has advanced through the House of Delegates, meanwhile, the Post reports that the repeal of fees has hit a legal snag featuring a 130-year-old Virginia State Supreme Court ruling, and that it could not be legal in its current state.

Questioning the General Counsel

It seems that Acting AG Peter Nickles may have been a little more involved in prosecutorial projects than some councilmembers would have liked. In fact, Mary Cheh called him out on it yesterday, specifically for getting involved in the AG’s affairs while general counsel in 7 cases.

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