An Obvious Contrast

It’s the Sunday before the Potomac Primary, and as I expected, our phone has rung a few times today. However, how it rang, and who was on the other end, that was the fascinating part, and in many ways, telling about what they were all about.

The first call of the day came in at a little before 11am. The number was local (571) and belonged to Nova for Obama, according to the caller ID. It was a young woman from the Obama campaign, a volunteer. She was nervous, but in that endearing way that indicated a barely-contained enthusiasm. She asked how I was, and wanted to let me know there was a primary election on Tuesday. I told her my wife and I were well aware, that we were undecided, but planning to vote. She thanked me for my time, encouraged me gently to vote for Sen. Obama and then hung up.

The second call of the day came in just before 5pm. The number was in South Carolina (803) and belonged to “Columbia SC” according to the caller ID. It was a robotic call, featuring the voice of Bill Clinton, urging us to vote for Hillary in the primary on Tuesday. We hung up midway through.

So, one camp has a machine do their dirty work, another has someone lining up to spend time on a phone bank. Is there really no one willing to work for Hillary calling voters?

Who called you today?

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