DC’s Closed Primary

As a Virginian, I have the option of choosing which ballot I vote tomorrow, something that as a non-partisan centrist, I appreciate immensely. I find the option liberating, allowing me to choose which I wish to support in the primary stage depending on who seems to be the most valuable. However, DC independents like Max and Jenn don’t have that option. They need to use the archaic political party system to choose which primary they get to vote in. They had to register with a party back in January.

It seems like bullshit to me, to have to register with a party to get to choose a nominee. Those of us who aren’t “party faithful” and find the general concepts of political parties at large to be a distasteful relic of the past, get easily frustrated by the silencing of our voices.

Are you an independent in DC shut out by the process? Make your case in the comments, either for your candidate of choice, or for changing the system.

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