Polling Place: Arlington Precinct 22

Into the gym at last

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This was the very front of the line at Arlington Precinct 22 at the Abingdon Elementary School this morning. The line was about 100 people when I walked in, and about the same length when I left. I was voter number 281 (split 230:51, D:R) at 8:37am. The line was pleasant and kept moving the whole way through, snaking its way through the foyer in front of the gymnasium. The hold-up point was at Registration this morning, due to the fact that they were double-checking their poll books. They also hadn’t separated the line for Rep/Dem, but I think that’s standard operating procedure.

Overall, took 40 minutes to vote, there were no problems, and everyone was pleased to be there, except for the young couple with two children who should’ve voted a block up at the community center instead of at the school, but even they were good natured about the whole thing.

How was your vote this morning? I’ve heard reports of lines upward of an hour in some precincts, and reports of voting times at less than 15 minutes in others. I’ve also heard that there are some crazy people waving signs on the median of Route 50, which may or may not be the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day.

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