The Morning News: Election Day Edition

It’s chilly out today, but better than yesterday. A wintry mix may descend on the region today, but turn to rain and sleet. It’ll pretty much be lame for evening rush. Leave early, go vote.

Metro Thinking of Rerouting Blue Line

With the Orange Line at full capacity and the tunnel under the Potomac between Rosslyn and Foggy Bottom the system’s biggest chokepoint, Metro is considering rerouting the Blue Line, taking it across the Potomac after the Pentagon station and depositing the trains at the L’Enfant Plaza station, skipping Arlington Cemetery, Rosslyn, and several downtown stations entirely. The plan’s pretty controversial, judging by the comments in the Dr. Gridlock column about the event. Skipping Western DC in favor of the Eastern half is a pretty bold choice, I’d say

DC’s Police DNA Lab Changes Hands

Well, fired isn’t the right term, but reassigned might better fit the bill. The head of the DC Crime Lab DNA section has changed hands to William Vosburgh, after not a single technician in the DC DNA lab was able to gain federal certification, and as such, the FBI is doing all of DC’s dirty work down at Quantico. Maybe Dr. Vosburgh will get the job done?

Maybe Keeping the Flight Systems On is a Good Idea?

The NTSB has determined that a fatal helicopter crash in 2006 was caused by pilot error, specifically the pilot turning off the engine control systems and then not noticing. How the hell do you turn off the system that controls the engine and not freaking notice? The NTSB has come down on the operator like a ton of bricks in their final crash report. Shocker, I know.

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