The Morning News: Two Hour Delay Edition

I took one look at my car this morning and flashed back to the awful traffic I sat in for 90 minutes trying to go to class last night. It wasn’t pretty. There was screaming. But the roads are better today, and with the Feds on a 2 hour delay, and a bunch of schools doing the same, I think we’re in for a peculiar commuting day. Especially when the rain turns to snow for evening rush.

Two Local Reps Unseated in Primary

For many of us, there was only one ballot option yesterday: President. However, for at least one congressional district in Maryland, there were also primary challenges against their incumbent representative, and two of the incumbents were sent packing: 8-term Congressman Albert Wynn and 9-term Congressman Wayne Gilchrest.

Why not? We already have a bunch of crazy sports figures, what’s one more?

Sure, Chad Johnson is certifiable. But then again, so is Dan Snyder, so why not bring his chocolate to our peanut butter and make a great big ol’ crazy sandwich? Just what this town needs is a guy who’s more flash than bang. It’ll work out great! Right?


Why are you staring at me like that?

400 Student Flu Outbreak at College Park

I’ve got a feeling that if you work at UMD or attend there, you might want to stock up on surgical masks to avoid all the sick folks around you. Or just don’t go to class. That’d work, too.

Tractor Man Remains Free!

Yeah, Tractor Man predates this blog, which is honestly a shame, because it’s probably one of the funniest things I’ve seen happen in DC. He drove a giant tractor onto the Mall to protest tobacco policy, and claimed to have a bomb on board the tractor, which allowed him to raise hell and wreak havoc for 48 hours while the police freaked out, and the rest of us laughed at him.

But, he’ll remain a free man despite what prosecutors considered to be an overly short sentence. That’s fine, though, he may have been crazy, but he’s the kind of crazy this town needs.

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