The Morning News: We Love You Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. We know that not everyone has a special someone, but today, know that we here at Metblogs love you. Yes, even you creepy stalker girl. And you, too, Poo Poo.

Another Crazy Lawsuit

Except that this time, it’s Best Buy being sued, and not a Dry Cleaners. A woman is suing Best Buy for $54 million for losing her laptop. She took it to the Tenleytown Best Buy for repair, and they promptly lost her laptop. Of course, they bought her a new laptop and she got a $500 gift card for her trouble. But that apparently wasn’t enough. So she’s suing. For $54M. Ridiculous. C’mon people, this is stupid.

VDOT Says “Oops, My Bad”

VDOT is apologizing for their complete fuckup on the roads on Tuesday night, that ended up shutting down multiple interchanges on the Beltway due to ice. However, really what they’re doing is putting the blame on the weather forecast, which is a load of horseshit, and Bob Marbourg from WTOP is calling them out: “We would only hope that the highway departments would put the forecasts down, look at the real time temperatures and look at the radar off in the distance and anticipate, ‘Hey, the forecast is going out the window.'”

United Stadium at Poplar Point?

Looks like the City wants to keep its only good sports team after all. The City is floating a proposal for a 27,000 seat soccer stadium at Poplar Point, costing between $150-230M, which is chump change in comparison to the new Nationals stadium. If successful, it’d be the largest publicly funded soccer venue in MLS history.

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