The Morning News: Schizophrenic Winter Edition

Yesterday was phenomenal, at least the first half. I hope you all had a delightful President’s Day. We took the day off here, we’re sorry if you had to work and we left you with nothing to read. Such is the way. We’ll try to make up for it today.

Thousands of Gallons of Diesel into the Potomac

Way to go, fuel truck driver guy. You backed into a dumpster and busted your tank, causing thousands of gallons of diesel to head straight for the river. Nice work, jackass. As if those guys at Mirant didn’t have enough problems with the locals, you have to go be a moron and make their lives worse. Well played.

DC to crack down on meter feeders

If you park downtown and feed your meter every two hours, the police are coming for you because you’re fucking up parking near retailers downtown. Now, frankly, I’ve not had a problem lately getting a space on the street in the middle of downtown, but I welcome anything that’ll make it easier. This, along with the enforcement of Logan Circle parking is wonderful.

Shoot a Kid, Get Six Months Paid Vacation

Two DC Police Officers involved in the September shooting of DeOnte Rawlings are still on paid leave five months after the shooting. Five months vacation? Really? is that necessary? That seems gratuitous to me, or at least put them at a desk, or something.

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