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It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood, that much is for sure. Going to be mid-60’s in time for lunch today, so plan on a nice long lunch on one of the many sidewalk cafes that will have tables open. The warm is here for a couple days, so unpack some of those short sleeves! Check out the forecast for the early part of the week, from the Capital Weather Gang.

Violence Targets Cabbies

In the last five weeks, six Maryland cabbies have been attacked, targeted specifically because they drive cabs. Several of these attacks have occurred when the cabbies picked up potentially ineligible passengers in the District where they’re not licensed for work. I dunno about you, but I’d bet money this guy is a disgruntled DC Cab driver (Probably not Mr. T, though, as he only stands for justice and good, right?) who’s out to do violence against those who’d take his fares. Extra points to the DC Metropolitan Police for calling the assailant the “Rogue Cabdriver.” C’mon, couldn’t you at least call him Travis Bickle? Something like that?

Metro Cans Bench Seating

Remember Metro’s plan to can a few rows of seats in favor of some side-facing benches? Yeah, that’s been ditched. Apparently it didn’t adequately increase the possible passenger capacity. So, no New York Subway-esque side benches for the Metro. I say good for you Metro in keeping the tradition of forward/backward seating. Look for handles on the various upper handrails to start appearing. These, I’m not looking forward to. See, I’m tall and I guarantee you I will hit my face and head on them at every possible opportunity. My wife will dig it, though, as currently she can’t reach the top bar…

17 Rowers Rescued from Potomac

It was gorgeous and sunny this weekend, which meant that many rowing teams returned to the Potomac for spring training. Yeah, they forgot to check the wind forecast, as 17 had to be pulled from the river after their shells capsized. No one had to be hospitalized, but I imagine that many were pretty darned cold after a dip in the icy Potomac. It may be getting close to Spring, but that water’s still pretty darn chilly.

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