The Morning News: Deluge Edition

Rain is coming, and it’s supposed to be pretty serious stuff, with local creeks overflowing, low-lying areas puddling, the whole nine yards. Get ready for some thunder and lightning, as well. Weather’s going to be a bit cooler tomorrow, but still in the 50s.

The Magna Carta is Back!

Back at the Archives, that is, not back in style. We gave up on the rights of the individual back when we allowed warrantless wiretaps of American citizens’ phones and email. But if you want to see the 710-year old copy of the Magna Carta, scribed in perfect period Latin on sheepskin, go down to the Archives and check it out, it’s on display.

Armory a Concert Venue?

Well, the DC Sports Commission says so. They’re struggling financially and looking for a handout from the DC government, especially now that they really only have just the one venue at RFK, though they technically may manage Nationals Park as well. So, would the Armory make a decent concert hall?. I’m betting not without significant renovation, just from an acoustical perspective, and lord knows the empty bunker is uglier than hell.

Trying to Make Cross-Town Traffic Better

Have you ever tried to go from Capitol Hill to Downtown or Georgetown in evening rush without at least one mild suicide attempt? And I don’t just mean taking a bunch of Advil to combat the pounding in your head, or pulling out into the intersection on a yellow. Yeah, it’s pretty much impossible. Well, the District may be working on a plan to help fix that, including a new transit system on K Street, or some other fun.

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