The Morning News: After the Rain Edition

I flung wide the windows yesterday when the rain started to fall, and let the damp, warm air into my condo, and it felt marvelous. Hearing the staccato beat of the rain drops against the hedgerow was just delightful. The drops fell harder and more frequent until my screen was soaked through. The house smelled like first rain this morning, and it made me smile.

City Council Takes Strong Stance on Shock Therapy

Did you know that DC Special Ed students sometimes still get shock therapy? Yeah, I thought that went out in the 70s as a viable treatment for anything. Except, that DC’s been paying for it as part of tuition for Special Education students. So, yesterday, the City Council decried the practice during council hearings, and said No More! Good on them. Bad on them for not knowing it was happening.

Open Primaries?

Councilman David Catania says bring open primaries to DC! I know we’ve weighed in on this before (unfortunately our archives are still coming back as part of the migration, or I’d link to it) and we agree with the councilman. Catania said, “I, along with 63,000 other Independents, were foreclosed from an opportunity.” Couldn’t agree more.

No Tornadoes, but No Power, either

The Tornado Watch from last night was, fortunately, just a watch and not a warning, but 20,000 houses lost power as part of the thunderstorm that whipped through town last night. 4,000 or so are still without power now.

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