Is This Really a Priority?

lovers.jpg Folks, I’m all for prosecuting creepy people that think that kids are a good target for their sexual release. I just want that out there before we start talking about a new law passed in Virginia this week. What does it say about Virginia that there’s need for a law that says french kissing a person under 13 years of age is a class 1 misdemeanor? I mean, is that such a rampant problem that it requires the attention of our legislature? While we have roads that need fixing, and jobs that need creating?

I think that’s really what gets me about all of this. This was somehow a real priority in some legislator’s mind, more important than fixing transit taxation issues, more important than passing a goddamn budget. Sure, we found time to ban dog-fighting and extend the length of drivers licenses’ validity, but we felt that perverts kissing kids needed our attention more than passing a budget.

That’s pretty well fucked up.

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