Will Metered Cabs Be Ready?

There are just three weeks to go until the deadline for metered cabs, and the Examiner is reporting that most cabs haven’t received the new meters yet. Most are waiting on the ruling of the DC Superior Court as to whether or not Mayor Fenty had the authority to pass the law mandating time and distance meters. The suing parties insist that the authority regarding the billing methods of the taxi cabs in the District belongs to the Taxi Commission and not the Mayor and the City Council.

Strikes me as a good chance that DC might be very short on taxicabs if the court doesn’t rule soon. Even if the court does rule soon, what are the odds that the taxi shops around town have enough time to work their way through the backlog of procrastinating drivers?

I’m betting they’re fairly long. Which means we’ll either have a near total lack of cabs, or we’ll see more lawsuits and tickets and fights between cabbies and the police. And all because one Senator had some constituents taken for a ride by the DC cabbies…

I’d be sympathetic, except that I’ve been taken for a ride before, myself…

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