Yes to No Age

Photo courtesy of Hood Booking

My friend asks me if I am going to the No Age show then looks confused when I say I have never listened to them.

“They are really good; all swirly and noisy, but with really poppy hooks. They’re on Sub Pop,” he says.

Given the art-punk skater background of the duo, I think I expected Lightning Bolt and I will admit to you, at risk of any street cred I ever had, that I actually am not super in to Lighting Bolt. Take away my right to blog about music if you must, but that is the truth.

When I finally gave them a listen, I was surprised. First of all, the songs are short (under three minutes) but avoid feeling rushed. This is but one sign of the well-edited pop sensibilities that keep the layers of swirls, fuzz, and noise in check. Their recent release “Nouns” is the rare sort of record that rewards headphone listening but would not be out of place in the background of a (relatively hip) dinner party – simultaneously accessible and engaging.

To answer my friend’s question: I am definitely going. 

No Age plays the Rock and Roll Hotel on Tuesday, July 8.

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