Granville Moore’s Chef on Food Network Tonight


In a battle that features local chef Teddy Folkman and chef/TV personality Bobby Flay and some tasty mussels, you can watch DC acquit itself quite well on the Food Network tonight at 9pm. Thanks very much to Amanda at Metrocurean for reminding me!

What’s better is that the judges were kickass foodbloggers Jason and Amy Storch! You can read all about Amy’s behind-the-scenes time in two parts, as she’s pretty much hilarious.

Dr. Granville Moore’s Brickyard originally uploaded by chrisafer.

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2 thoughts on “Granville Moore’s Chef on Food Network Tonight

  1. I read the first part of Amy’s description (I’m gonna preserve the mystery for the show) and I have to say, if my darling fiancée ever comes to her senses and kicks me to the curb, I am going to go stand outside her window in a trenchcoat and hold a boombox over my head. I can only hope Jason doesn’t turn the hose on me.

  2. Don’t worry, Don, she didn’t spoil the outcome of the contest. It was just more hilarity about the hazards of eating mussels when OMGPREGNANT.