Montana State Society to Host Testyfest 08


I remember being young and on one of my family’s frequent summer roadtrips across the Great American West, and wondering aloud to my family what the Rocky Mountain Oysters were on the menu at this little dive restaurant in Montana. After the laughter subsided, my Dad explained what they were. I ordered something else. But, if you’re interested in some tasty testes (a phrase I never dreamed of writing) then the Montana State Society has something for you.

Testyfest 08 will take place on Saturday July 12th at the American Legion in Virginia Square. Cost is $20 for an all-inclusive banquet featuring those lovely jewels of the west. That’s also inclusive of beer, bourbon and soda, so it sounds like it could be a pretty solid deal. The Wil Gravatt band will also be playing starting at 6pm.

If you think that’s strange? It’s the fifth straight year Montana ex-pats have been doing it. How awesome is that?

Testicle Festival 2008
American Legion
3445 Washington Boulevard
Virginia Square METRO
Arlington, Virginia

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