Washingtonian “You Be The Critic” Contest

Pork Sliders 2

You may have guessed that we love food here at WLDC. Between Carl’s videoblog on Noodles yesterday and our own review of Hell Burger, that’s an impression we’re doing our best to support. However, we recognize that we don’t hold the monopoly on food thoughts. So, we encourage all of you armchair food critics to get in on the Washingtonian’s “You Be The Critic” contest. At stake? A gift certificate for dinner for two (value: $150) at Hooked, in Sterling, of which they thought pretty highly.

Entries should be 75 words, be uniquely descriptive, be irreverent and be amusing. Give it a go!

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One thought on “Washingtonian “You Be The Critic” Contest

  1. Gas for round trip from DC to Sterling: $10 (rounded).
    Driving time: 3 hours (two hours rush hour to get out, one hour back).

    I’m not as anti-suburban as some, but I’d still rather have $100 in value in DC than $150 in Sterling.