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After making an abortive attempt at getting an iPhone this morning, I decided to stand in a line that was both tasty and sane. I hit up the Toigo Orchards market stall at the Courthouse Farmers Market, instead. There was a line, but at the end of it was persian cucumbers, ultra sweet bing cherries (they’re like sex, in your mouth.) some hot-house tomatoes, and holy crap, what’s that?!

First peaches of the season. Now, it was still a little crunchy, and it wasn’t nearly as pretty as the one in christaki’s photo here, but peaches have come to market, and thank heavens for them.

In other news, I’m about a week or ten days from the first roma tomatoes, and my first yellow cherry tomato should be ready for tasting by Wednesday.

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2 thoughts on “Peaches!

  1. Actually, there are some good peaches out there already… There’s a stand in front of the Little Falls Libary in Bethesda that had some great, soft, perfect peaches the other day. (Although, I did get some peaches at the Montgomery Farm Women’s Cooperative today, and those were crunchy, so, I guess YMMV!) :)