Spider Kelly’s: Take a Pass.

Spider Kelly’s
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Tiff and I met a friend for dinner at the newly-open Spider Kelly’s in Clarendon last night. We figured we’d take a flyer on the new location from the guys who brought the world Clarendon Ballroom.

Spider Kelly’s advertises that they will have no dress code, and no cover, ever, which is a cause that I can get behind. Basically, the short of our dinner was: The food’s mediocre, the prices are way too high ($8 for a burger? It better be Ray’s Hellburger.) and the service was tepid.

Might be worth a stop if you were craving some banana pudding, but for anything else, head to the other side of the Ballroom where Liberty Tavern has an incredible menu for the same price. Or, head around the corner to O’Sullivans for a burger that’s not nearly that ludicrously priced, and just as serviceable.

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4 thoughts on “Spider Kelly’s: Take a Pass.

  1. Aww – I’m sorry to hear that. I was really excited for a casual place in Clarendon that wasn’t all pretentious.