Social Calendar: July 17 – July 23

“X in DC: March” courtesy of irrezolut

Thursday, July 17: I discovered We Were Pirates when he (Great Falls, VA resident Mike Boggs + laptop) was a winner of a This American Life remix contest. The pop confection break-up song produced for the radio show was a representative introduction to We Were Pirates’ oeuvre – if less polished-sounding than official releases. Besides, everybody loves Fort Reno.

Friday, July 18: I am not going to be telling you about a lot of music that gets played at Irish “pubs” in places like Sterling, VA. But, then, Ned Devines’ stage probably does not often have acts like Virginia Beach rappers the Clipse. Is there something I am missing that makes this seem less awkward than I think?

Saturday, July 19: One of my favorite ways to start a Saturday evening is the monthly X. Marketed as “A 21st Century Live-Art Happening,” it is generally a fairly low-key party where people just happen to be projecting art on the walls, painting, or doing other projects mixed in with the people there to chat with friends and drink BeBar‘s candy-flavored cocktails. People are encouraged to wear items of a certain theme each month to get a discount and add whimsy – this month’s theme is “mustaches and eyelashes.” 7 – 11 PM

Sunday, July 20: Sunday is the culmination of the totally amazing explosion of (mostly local) talent that is Whartfest (which actually begins Thursday). It is totally worth a day trip up to Baltimore to see this – and yes, all day, because they will have performers from noon to 2 AM, spread over two venues. Among the 13 hours of music available to you: Ponytail, Black Dice, Grand Buffet, Cex, and 27 other bands – including the “super secret” super-group headliner Who is the Tunafish Man? which brings together the talents (and hype) of Dan Deacon, Girl Talk and Spank Rock into one extravaganza. So intense.

Monday, July 21: Screen on the Green is just something a person should do each summer, at least once. Bring a picnic, sprawl out on a blanket, and enjoy the evening. My film of choice is tonight’s showing of The Candidate (how timely!).

Tuesday, July 22: The music of Bedouin is earnest, moody, and just slightly exotic. The rest of the night’s bill at The Red & The Black veers a little… twangy-acoustic for my tastes, but Bedouin is the first band, leaving you free afterward for Karaoke Club at Sticky Rice just down the block. (if you miss Bedouin tonight, you get another chance on the evening of the 26th at Murky in Arlington)

Wednesday, July 23: I now present the classiest, girliest thing that may ever appear in this column: Hillwood Museum & Estate (“where fabulous lives”) offers a lecture by their gardener John Sonnier about the lovely French Parterre gardens at 12:45. Afterward, take lunch or “royal tea” in the estate’s elegant cafe. My favorite college art history professor also worked at Hillwood and brought the sheer loveliness of the place to our class. Taking a day to go up there is like going on a tiny European holiday.

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