The Hill Hotness?

Never forget that we’re a crowd that can turn on a dime, here in Washington. Today’s example? The Highlights of the Hill Hotties. We could talk a lot about policy in this town, we could talk at length about legislative achievements, but instead we’re going to talk about fortunate genetic results. I love how this town just goes straight back to junior high when it feels a need for a solid dose of “Oh God, Look at the SHINY!”

[Edit] One quick edit here: I’m complaining here about the lameness of the Hill, not of DCeiver’s commentary, which is hysterically awesome, and probably how we should react when serious journalists go all beauty contest on us.

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5 thoughts on “The Hill Hotness?

  1. DCeiver’s hilites of the hotties is hysterical and hawsome.

    Sorry, just needed to keep the alliteration going there.

    My fave is this one:

    Jill Davidsaver (lobbyist, National Cattleman’s Beef Association)

    THE HILL writes: “Growing up, Jill Davidsaver wanted to be a veterinarian and for a stint she did the whole vegetarian thing. But she never thought her life would revolve around cows.”

    My question to this young woman is: HOW MANY DAVIDS HAVE TO DIE BEFORE YOU ACCEPT YOUR DESTINY?

  2. I’m sorry, but that DCeiver post is awesome, and it has nothing to do with “turning on a dime” or reverting to “junior high.”

  3. You misunderstand my criticism, anon, which is directed not at DCeiver (whose post is, absolutely, awesome, hilarious, etc) but rather at the Hill who decided what this town needs is a beauty contest for the legislative set.