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re:sonance djs

Friend-of-the-blog Michael Darpino is 50% of Re:sonance djs. He wrote in with this contribution to our “District Mixtape” series. You can see him and his dj partner at the awesome Jimmy Valentine’s this Saturday – and congratulate Michael on his recent graduation when you see him!
– Brittany

Re:sonance DJs are Michael Darpino and Chris Diamond. They are throwing a party at Jimmy Valentine’s Lonely Hearts Club this Saturday and want you to be there.

Darpino and Diamond have each lived in the DC area and been enjoying its ever-shifting music scene for over fifteen years. It wasn’t until these two like-minded music geeks met eight years ago that they decided that they wanted to become a part of it. With neither of them possessing a lick of musical talent but both owning ridiculously large and wide-ranging music collections their entry methods of choice were the internet and the DJ booth.

In 2002, Darpino and Diamond (along with fellow music fan, Chris Prokop) founded The DPD Project, a thematic mix-CD and music commentary website. The DPD Project has been going strong ever since, recently celebrating its 80th mix.

In 2003, Darpino suggested to Diamond that they should share their passion for music with others and the two began DJing under the collective moniker, Re:sonance DJs. They cut their teeth with guest spots at Bi-Polar, Champagne Socialism, and We Fought The Big One before launching their own monthly event, Room 429, at Rock & Roll Hotel in 2007.

Re:sonance DJs’ year-long run at Rock & Roll Hotel wrapped up in June with the two setting up shop around the corner at Jimmy Valentine’s Lonely Hearts Club. This Saturday will be their third party at Jimmy V’s and the boys are chomping at the bit to lay down some serious tunes.

“We love to spin britpop, shoegazer, punk rock, and dance music, but we describe our style as eclectica because the focus of our parties is to have fun and to keep people happy. We love reading the room and letting the crowd direct the night. Between the two of us, most genres are covered and nothing pleases us more than the unexpected twists and turns of what a crowd will respond to or request. Genre-based nights are fun, but we like taking them all on, putting them in the blender, and seeing what unlikely set lists we produce month after month.”

Find out what genre bending mayhem Re:sonance DJs will come up with this time at Jimmy Valentine’s Lonely Hearts Club, Saturday August 2nd. The tunes start at 10:30 and the event is free.

For more information on Re:sonance DJs, past set lists, and photos visit them here.

We’ve prepared this little mix to help you through the agony of waiting to go to our party on Saturday. Enjoy and we hope to see you there!

Mixtape is available at welovedc.muxtape.com

Track List
1. The Cure, “A Forest” (Plati/Slick Version)
2. Depeche Mode, “Rush” (Plati/Slick Version)
3. Muse, “Map of the Problematique”
4. Ceremony, “Forever Lost”
5. Curve, “No Escape From Heaven”
6. The Charlatans UK, “One to Another”
7. The Chemical Brothers, “Let Forever Be”
8. Ladytron, “I’m Not Scared”
9. Blondie, “Atomic”
10. The Mary Onettes, “Lost”
11. New Order, “Blue Monday” (12″ Version)
12. World of Twist, “She’s a Rainbow”

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