Social Calendar: August 14 – 20

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Mid-August and it does not seem like there is that much going on this week. No cannot-miss shows or events, just enjoy the quiet streets

Thursday, August 14 I messed up a little last week, and gave you a hint at what to do tonight: Thao Nguyen & The Get Down Stay Down at the Black Cat. Given that, you get a bonus second Thursday suggestion: GOOD Magazine hosts a fundraiser for Ashoka during a “changemaking happy hour” held at Lotus Lounge.

Friday, August 15:Every Friday, there is free, live jazz in the National Gallery of Art’s Sculpture Garden. Bring a picnic and a date (one of these is for sale on-site as well).

Saturday, August 16: Take a drive up to Baltimore and the Contemporary Museum. The exhibition “Cottage Industry” examines the intersection of the personal and the commercial through works by six “artist/enterprises” real or conceptual.

Sunday, August 17: An August Sunday with little going on otherwise is probably an ideal night to go to a movie at the drive-in. Bengie’s will be showing “The Dark Knight” and “Henry Poole is Here”. I have heard of the former. Based on the poster, I think the latter is some kind of romantic comedy.

Monday, August 18: Going up inside of the Washington Monument is on the list of things I will be doing one more time before leaving DC. Luckily, all summer, the monument is staying open until 10pm to enjoy the night view.

Tuesday, August 19: Austin, TX indie pop four-piece Oh No! Oh My! appear at DC9. Their Wikipedia entry claims “Their music is rooted in an intricate melodic style reminiscent of The Magnetic Fields and Belle and Sebastian, fused with quirky lyrics and augmented by a diverse range of instruments.” I hear the Belle and Sebastian comparison rather more than Magnetic Fields, but take a listen for yourself – if it is on Wikipedia, you know it is true.

Wednesday, August 20:The World in Six Songs by musician turned neuroscientist Daniel J. Levitin examines how the “brain evolved to play and listen to music in six fundamental formsafor friendship, joy, comfort, knowledge, religion, and love.” He speaks at Politics & Prose at 7:00.

This column will be appearing every Thursday. Know of a great event that should be featured here? Leave a comment or email me at brittany [at] I will not judge you for suggesting your own band and I will give you credit for your ideas (if you want it).

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