Foggy Bottom Metro Escalator Mess: AGAIN

Foggy Bottom Metro escalators have done it again, this time at the height of the Friday afternoon rush, and I have once again gotten video of the mess:

Last time this happened, only one escalator was barricaded, so desperate riders could at least scamper up the opposing escalator. Today, two were blocked, so only one shut-down escalator was available to serve as narrow stairs for both ascending and descending foot traffic. The result: crowds above and below. Epic fail once more.

Metro police and station personnel were on hand to do what little they could, but that didn’t seem to do much to thin the mass of people. And, as before — after taking this video, I didn’t bother waiting in line; it was faster to just walk the two blocks to Farragut West Station.

This is pretty bad, WMATA. Why have escalators at all if your contractors can’t even maintain them?

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2 thoughts on “Foggy Bottom Metro Escalator Mess: AGAIN

  1. Pardon me for saying so, but seeing this play out over and over again makes me want to avoid ever living in a city like DC. The tradeoffs are not positive enough. I love good restaurants and art galleries, but not enough to deal with the mass of humanity on a daily basis.

    If I had a family now, I’d probably be living out in the country, somewhere more than 2 hours from a major city. I can get my cultural fix that way. Until then, I’ve got high-speed internet, Amazon, and NetFlix.