Terminal B is Delicious

5 Guys breakfast
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Sure, Jon’s talked a lot about why Dulles can be lame, but there’s stuff to like, too. We headed out early this morning to catch our flight to New York on the way to Seattle, and though we couldn’t find the infamous Diamond Lanes, we did make it through TSA without much hassle.

From there, it was off to the far end of the B terminal where JetBlue makes its home. On our way to the gate, we were lured by the wonderful smells coming from the Five Guys there. Turns out, they serve a mean breakfast. Instead of hamburgers, though, it’s egg sandwiches that they’ve mastered. Its not some pre-frozen egg patty, either. It’s a full on fried egg with cheese, and if you ask for it, bacon, plus any of their regular toppings. It’s right between Gates B70 and B76. Worth the walk, if you have to.

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2 thoughts on “Terminal B is Delicious

  1. The Five Guys in the US Airways section of DCA also serves breakfast. My question is that seeing as how Five Guys seems to be so good at making a delicious breakfast sandwich, why are other locations (like the one right below my apartment) not open for breakfast?

  2. My boyfriend wanted to stop by the famous, beloved Five Guys before we moved to see if it lived up to the hype.

    This may be a controversial statement – especially among my fellow authors here – but we were both unmoved.

    We were at the Arlington location, and could have walked just a couple of blocks up to the great little Earl’s for sandwiches and fries that are always delicious.

    Five Guys was definitely cheap, though. Cannot argue with that. (Well, I mean, at least without asking questions I do not want answered.)