Social Calendar: August 28 – September 3

“Columbia MD” courtesy of nosauten

Before we get into what you should do, one thing you should not. Please avoid Love on Friday with their totally skeevy “March on Washington” tie-in marketing. Dr. King did not actually approve that flier (and it is not even very good).

Thursday, August 28: First of all, it is a cool, damp, lovely day that suggests autumn will be here soon and I am a major fan. As for tonight, North Carolina-via-Baltimore’s Adventure will be playing the Velvet Lounge and are worth hearing. This is the second date of their busy fall tour (to be followed immediately by a spot on the famous and amazing Round Robin Tour). It weirds me right out that I could see Benny here tonight – and then again in San Francisco where I will be living in just a short while…

Friday, August 29: Remember when everyone claimed that kuduro was going to be the new baile funk? If so, you probably read too many mp3 blogs and should go outside more. Luckily, there is a safe place for you to go: Rad! at Selam. Just read the flier for a near-complete list of popular dancefloor-approved genres of the world. (Note to the djs, should they read this: I noticed you mention Belgian electroclash. Instead, maybe you could play some Belgian jump style? I do not think Diplo has picked that up yet. That would be hilarious/impressive.)

Saturday, August 30: Well, some of you will be attending my going away party, right? Otherwise, you could wish Chuck Brown a happy birthday at the 9:30 or you could head to Rock & Roll Hotel for Nouveau Riche. Interesting venn diagram.

Sunday, August 31: To those who claim I rarely go to movies, there are actually two out in the cinemas right now that I want to see. This rarely happens, so I will probably go to one of them, then maybe go to the zoo. You should consider this plan as well. It will be awesome.

Monday, September 1: If you did not go to the beach for Labor Day, at least you can enjoy Richard Misrach: On the Beach at the National Gallery of Art. Several large photographs taken on American beaches after September 11, 2001 are not entirely about sun-drenched frivolity. This is the final day to catch this exhibit.

Tuesday, September 2: Recover from the three-day weekend. Stop by Bar Pilar’s amazingly delicious Tuesday Cocktail Session for some of the best-made, most interesting beverages around.

Wednesday, September 3: Join the reigning Miss DC for a night of “cupcakes & cocktails” for Innocents at Risk, a non-profit that fights human trafficking. Besides the unassailable nature of the benefit, Miss America 2009 finalist Kate Grinold is a friend (disclosure!) and a really nice, smart person committed to human rights causes around the world. This event will include cupcakes (from Georgetown Cupcake), music, and a silent auction. Facebook RSVP is here.

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