Yep, it’s Autumn, or might as well be

Cucumber from my Garden IMGP1602 copy

I know the season has not quite changed yet, but to me it’s already autumn. The garden has stopped producing, and it was a bum crop anyway this year. Pretty much all I got were some freaky cucumbers (another example here) and a handful of tomatoes that started to grow and then got stolen by some animals who apparently loved my garden as much as I had hoped to.

On the bright side, I was able to get some rosemary well entrenched in place of a dead shrub and with luck my grapes will really take off next year. They say the third year is the magic one, so I hope to have a better report then. The roses did very well in their first year and should winter well in our mild climate.

It’s about time to slow down, pour a glass of wine and make a toast to the passing of summer and the coming of autumn. Who knows – next year at this time we may be celebrating a bumper crop of whatever I plant and snacking on grapes, whose perfume will waft gently on the cool evening air with the promise of a late, delicious harvest.

What culinary delights are you still enjoying from your garden?

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3 thoughts on “Yep, it’s Autumn, or might as well be

  1. We’ve got a ton of herbs ready for drying: sage, oregano, thyme, rosemary, lavender, and more rosemary.

    We’ve got a few more tomatoes left to go (despite our current saucemaking festivities. Good times, I promise.

  2. Sauce… I used to make sauce from my homegrown Roma tomatoes. Thanks for reminding me of that, Tom. I will have to try again next year and aspire to make sauce!