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Irony (b/w)
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I haven’t checked the calendar, so I’m not sure if it’s a full moon or what, but I had the middle of my day wrecked a bit by the crazy with the bomb and gun who decided to park over by the Library of Congress.

The whole area was shutdown, with Independence blocked off by police, and I was part of a whole afternoon traffic jam as we tried to re-route around the whole thing.

Here’s what I wonder. I think that pretty much every jackass post-Tractorman has been such a legendary disappointment in their desire to do something radical and stupid in the Capital. I mean, if you’re going to get all crazy and try to “Do Something” maybe you should be a little more entertaining about it, if you have no intention of actually engaging in violence. So, what I’m wondering is: can anything like this frighten us? At all? Instead of just annoy us?

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One thought on “Bombs and Crazies

  1. The incident happened in front of the building that I work in. Police need to work on their communication. A message popped on our screens telling us to stay away from the windows on the Southwest side. Then police came up and told us to evacuate. It would have been easier just to a shelter in place in the reading room. After sitting outside for about 20 minutes my colleagues and I were allowed back up stairs, but not our offices. I received 9 emails about suspicious activity, but no details were mentioned