A District Parking Ticket PSA

Someone is going to have a very bad week if they don't pay up soon

Someone is going to have a very bad week if they don't pay up soon

Do you live in Maryland and own a Mazda 4-door with the license plate number 6EDM72? Might you have parked it on the west side of the 1200 block of Potomac Street NW on Thursday, September 11th? Then the DC parking police say you overstayed your welcome on a residential street.

They recorded the car there at 3:48pm and at 6:31pm, issuing you a $30 ticket for being parked for more than two hours on a zone parking street. Oddly, you may not know of this infraction and fine as I found your parking ticket floating through Rock Creek Park yesterday.

I suggest that you either fight the ticket (good luck!) or use the handy Online Ticket Payment system to settle with the District for the $30. But you better be quick.

No matter if the ticket escaped before you noticed it, the fine will double in 30 days if you do not respond, and after 60 days you could get the boot.

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