So, How Long Til This Reaches Law & Order or 24?


Apparently, some folks at the Pentagon, unable to make “terrorists might use alternative communication methods and code words” sound sexy to their supervisors, they decided to stage an attack on the White House……in World of Warcraft.

Never mind that there IS no White House in Azeroth, and the closest you could come is setting off goblin grenades in front of Thrall, this is I suppose, a plausible way to have off-the-grid communication between two computers. But really? To blame it on a game?

Are you guys High?!

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2 thoughts on “So, How Long Til This Reaches Law & Order or 24?

  1. Well, there was an RPG-IRL episode on Numb3rs last year, where a crazy murderer started killing off people to get the prize in some freaked-out scavenger hunt (or something…I only watch for Dr. Fleischman)

    Does that count? I am way too girly to know!