Sports Fix Light: Take Heart, Redskins Fans

Appropriate for Dallas Week by dharmabumx

I know, Sports Fix doesn’t usually air until Monday, but I’ve made a snap decision to run with it today because it’s Dallas Week. That’s right, it’s time for the Redskins, as they have several times over the last few years, to frustrate the Cowboys in new and unusual ways. As Skins’ Blogger Jamie Mottram wrote,

“But out of the ashes the feathered arrow flies. Starting with the Skins’ 14-13 midnight double-strike win on Monday Night in Big D three years ago, Washington has reversed and reheated the once-great rivalry by winning four out of six.”

Redskins vs Cardinals by Leediehr on Flickr

It’s going to be a tough battle, for, as Chris Cooley writes (when he’s not showing off his wang on the internets):

“This is a huge game for the Washington Redskins and there isn’t anyone in the NFL who will intimidate us. I have tremendous respect for what kind of team Dallas is, but I can’t wait to get on the field this Sunday. We’re a smart, physical, hard working group of guys who will never give in.”

One of my obnoxious Cowboys-fan friends wrote this morning on his weekly email distribution list:

“With the annual pounding of the Washington secondary on the menu for Sunday brunch in Dallas, Sunday cannot get here quick enough.  But the scalping of the Redskins is not the only reason that Sunday cannot come fast enough for the Commish.”

That’s when my friend goes on to describe the Elementary School Reunion he’s going to. That’s right, ladies and gents, Cowboys fans go to their Elementary School Reunions.

And that’s why they must be stopped. As a 49ers fan transplanted far from home, the one thing I agree on with every native Redskins fan is: Dallas is a scourge and should be obliterated at all costs. Go Skins!

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