Running into the Mayor

Fenty and Puck
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I’ve never met the mayor of a large city.

Sure, I’ve run bodily into Newt Gingrich on I St, but I’ve never met the mayor. So, imagine my surprise when I looked up from my coffee this morning and there was Mayor Fenty on the sidewalk in front of Peregrine Espresso on the Hill. In a dashing suit and a hat much like the on in the photo above (it was more of a stylish grey-green tweed, I think) there he was, right in front. I waved, he waved back and nodded.

So, I really haven’t met the Mayor, but having not really gotten the chance to introduce myself. But there he was, big as life, out and about in the city.

I was hoping to see the sweet little Smart Car that he drives, but at the end of it, he got into the driver’s seat of a black Lincoln Navigator and drove off. What happened to the sweet little ride, Mr. Mayor?

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2 thoughts on “Running into the Mayor

  1. Last summer, we were at Banana Cafe on 8th St. SE before a Nats game, when Marion Barry came in and sat at the table next to us.

    Yeah, he’s not the mayor anymore. But he will always be The Mayor. Seemingly every other person walking by on the sidewalk stopped to talk to him.