Sports Fix: A Rough Weekend

Redskins Cheerleaders by culhane

The end of the Redskins game yesterday was abysmal. Check that. The whole game yesterday was abysmal, but the end defies description. The hapless 0-4 Rams came to Washington and ended up the 1-4 Rams. That’s right, the Redskins couldn’t even beat one of the worst teams in the NFL (sorry Chris) and embarrassed themselves at Fedex in front of 90,000. And they ousted me from my suicide pool, as well. So, I’ll be carrying a grudge.

The turnovers and special teams were big gaping holes in the effectiveness of the Redskins offense. 3 fumbles, abysmal punt and kick returns, and a secondary that gave up the big play with under two minutes to go. The big play in question was a 43-yard pass on 3rd and 13, and that setup the field-goal-as-time-ran-out cliché that was dominate in the NFL this week.

Sounds like Jim Zorn and the coaching staff has a big problem to address: overconfidence. This wasn’t a week to rest on laurels, but that’s what we saw the Skins try to do, only to come up short. There’s a lot to be said for a good solid dose of humility, and the Skins need it. Such is the way. Next week they face the Browns here in DC. Er. Landover.

DC United

They’re still in it. That’s about the best that can be said for the team that played the Houston Dynamo to a 0-0 tie. Their playoff hopes are still alive, with two games of MLS play left before the end of the regular season. Of course, mixed in there are two CONCACAF games as well. Hooray for soccer, the sport that just doesn’t confine itself to a single league or group of leagues.

Ovechkin and Poti Happy, Blackhawks Sad by clydeorama

The Caps!

It is so nice to start to include the Caps in this bi-weekly up date. The season got underway on Friday night with a 7-4 road loss to the Thrashers, but continued at the Verizon Center on Saturday with a much more pleasant 4-2 win over the Blackhawks. Ovechkin’s notched a pair of goals so far, but the points leader for the Caps is Left Wing Alexander Semin, with three assists and a goal.

The Caps face off tonight against the Canucks, puck drops at 7pm.

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3 thoughts on “Sports Fix: A Rough Weekend

  1. Tom, don’t apologize. I know my hometown Rams are one of the worst teams in football. I make fun of them more than anyone. :)

  2. They should have the cheerleaders dance after the game. It would make me feel alot better after the Redskins blow it.