Summer House Being Renovated?

Summer House Renovation

My favorite feature of the US Capitol Grounds, The Summer House, is currently fenced off and filled with scaffolding, plywood, and other construction paraphernalia. It appears a restoration or renovation is in progress, probably in tandem with other preparations on the grounds for the 2009 Presidential Inauguration. Here’s hoping it’s open again by next summer; it’s a wonderful spot to relax and get a bit wet, if you know what I mean.*

If, like me, you miss the Summer House already but have a Second Life avatar, you can check out Kiwini Oe’s Summer House replica, or just see it in this video:

* And by “get wet,” I mean you can splash some water on your face from the fountain. Duh.

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One thought on “Summer House Being Renovated?

  1. When I go for my 10K runs from the YMCA in July, the summer house is right at the half-way point – a perfect rest stop for wetness and summer shade.