How Crazy Is Politics?

Miss Peacock In the Kitchen With a Knife by tzofia

Yesterday’s crazy story in the news was about Ashley Todd, who claimed to have been beaten and robbed at ATM, and when they saw the McCain/Palin sticker on her car, the thugs came back to carve a B in her cheek. Creepy. As. Fuck. While it happened up the road in Pittsburgh, it resonated

Yeah, it’s apparently all made up by Ms. Todd. She has now confessed to the police admitting that she cut herself and inflicted the wounds for political ends.

11 days til this craziness abates, right?

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3 thoughts on “How Crazy Is Politics?

  1. Calling this craziness is like calling WWII a small misunderstand between Germany and the rest of the world! To think someone would be pyscho enough to do this…people need to learn not to take politics so seriously, and that statement is coming from a lobbyist here!