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Pumpkin Close Up by RSchley

It’s the week before Halloween, and from the looks of the weather forecast, we might see a few creepy thunderstorms before the big day. So, get ready for some Haunted House action here in town as we come close to the big Trick or Treat day. Here are a few ideas for the next week or so to get your Halloweeen on.

Boo at the Zoo

October 23-26 at the National Zoo

Take your kids and trick or treat at the zoo! They’ll have special stations setup for pictures with the various exhibits, and 40 treat stations. Tickets are $15 for FONZ members and $25 otherwise. Saturday’s sold out, so get on tickets for tonight or Sunday or Monday before too much longer, or you might find yourself stuck outside.

Ghost Tour of Lafayette Park

October 27-31 in Lafayette Park

Who’d have thought that the middle of DC was haunted, especially just a block from the White House! There’s a great tour of Lafayette Park’s ghost stories being lead on weeknights through square. Who knew that Lafayette Park was such a neat place? Tickets are $10. Tonight’s tour is sold out, but there’s space left on each of the weekdays next week, including Halloween.

Haunted House by stormsworld

Bennett’s Curse Haunted Event

24-26 Oct & 29-31 Oct

If you’re more interested in the commercialized horrorfests, check out Bennett’s Curse in Baltimore, which has a number of creepy features under one roof. Tickets range between $20 and 30, and can be bought online with cards, or paid for in cash at the sites. If Disneyfied Horror is your thing, these are your guys. High production values, creepy scares, and more vampires than you can shake a stick at.

Halloween Woods in Sterling

24-26 Oct & 30 Oct – 1 Nov

This one doesn’t look as nice as Bennett’s Curse, but it’s closer for the Virginia folks, and a lot cheaper. $10 gets you a walk through their haunted woods. Granted, this one seems a little chintzy, but that kind of ersatz charm is what a lot of people look for in their Halloween entertainment, so this might be a good fit for what you’re looking for.

The Most Haunted Houses Walking Tour

October 29th

This walking tour of DC features some of the true history hauntings of DC much as the Lafayette Park walk does. Included in there is the Octagon House, which they consider one of the most haunted places in the City.

What’s your favorite Halloween destination in DC?

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