Desperate Virginia GOP Gets Out Old Playbook

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DCist has the scoop on this one:

“This is one of the oldest, saddest dirty political tricks in the book. Given how crude the flier is, it seems certain it was made by a novice, but it’s still a pretty ridiculous thing to do. In fact, whomever is responsible could wind up facing a Class 1 misdemeanor charge in Virginia for knowingly communicating false information about an election.”

Sleazy. Really, really sleazy. Really, really, really sleazy. If the only way you can win, or even stand a chance to win, is to do it through limiting the legitimate voters and their votes? You’re doing it wrong.

And I think you suck.

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7 thoughts on “Desperate Virginia GOP Gets Out Old Playbook

  1. Click through the link above, Wayan. They’re sending flyers to registered Democrat voters suggesting that they’re to vote on the day AFTER election day. Read, Wayan. Read. :)

  2. Do you honestly think the Virginia Republican Party did this? Of course not. This was something done by a couple of idiots like it is done across the country every election. By people from BOTH parties.

    I hope they find who did this and prosecute them. But don’t blame an entire party for the actions of a couple people who in almost all likelihood, have no connection to the party.

  3. If you’re dumb enough to believe this then maybe you shouldn’t be voting. hahaha. This is nothing more than intellectual satire.

  4. Geb, it’s attitudes like that which had to be combatted with laws outlawing poll taxes and literacy tests.

    And Tom, you know perfectly well Wayan can’t be bothered to click OR scroll when he reads a blog.

  5. Tiffany, you are correct. But there is the Electoral College which was enacted for (arguably) the same reason.