Juror’s Father Not Actually Dead

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You would think that if you were going to use the excuse, “Oh sorry, a close family member died and I need to be with my family,” you’d either do it to people who wouldn’t check up on you, or have the decency to come up with a death certificate. Marian Hinnant of Northeast decided that she’d pass it off on the Judge.

But no, she’s not just any juror. She’s juror #4 from the Ted Stevens trial. The one who said her father died and she needed to get out of town. Turns out, she was totally lying and that she just wanted to go to the Breeders Cup horse race that weekend. What boggled my mind was that the Judge in this case just let her go. The ADN says she was let go without so much as a slap on the wrist, despite the fact that she lied to the court and left in the middle of deliberations.

So, if you ever have to skip out on jury duty in DC Federal Court, hope for Judge Emmet G. Sullivan, it seems he’s a softy.

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