Election Report: Douchebag Alert in Fairfax

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Someone thought it would be hilarious to hack into GMU’s listserves last night to send this message to students, after several Get Out The Vote efforts by the University:

—– Message from Office of the Provost on Tue, 04 Nov 2008 01:16:42 -0500 —–
To: ANNOUNCE04-L@mail04.gmu.edu
Subject: Election Day Update

To the Mason Community:Please note that election day has been moved to November 5th. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Peter N. Stearns Provost

Of course, the message is a steaming pile, and in no way accurate. Frankly, while I may think these messages weed out morons who probably shouldn’t vote anyway, it’s a better world in which more people exercise their franchise and vote. The Provost of GMU sent this out this morning in response:

—- Message from Office of the Provost on Tue, 04 Nov 2008 08:08:21 -0500 —–
To: PROVOSTOFFICE-L@mail04.gmu.edu
Subject: Urgent Voting Information

Dear Colleagues,

It has come to my attention early this morning that a message was hacked into the system fraudulently stating that election day has been moved. I am sure everybody realizes this is a hoax, it is also a serious offense and we are looking into it. Please be reminded that election day is today, November 4th.

Peter N. Stearns

So, recognize there are jerks out there, and stick by your guns.

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2 thoughts on “Election Report: Douchebag Alert in Fairfax

  1. We also got an email from the Provost that read:

    To the Mason Community:

    I hear some troubling rumors, so here are a couple of facts: 1. The election is Nov. 4, for all political parties. The notion that one party votes Nov. 5 is UNTRUE. 2. It is also UNTRUE that any student jeopardizes financial aid by voting.

    Peter N. Stearns

  2. Amazing the kind of shenanigans that people will try to pull to get people to not show up for voting. If your campaign is dependent on people staying home, allow me to say it: “You’re Doing It Wrong!!”