This Town is Obama-Crazy!

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How Obama Crazy is this town? Last night on NBC 4 at 11pm, they had an interview with his DC realtor at Tutt, Taylor & Rankin. No, he didn’t know what the Obamas were doing for housing yet, but he wanted to talk all about what their options could be.

Look, I like the guy, too, but do we have to be so stalkery? I mean, are you really going to go searching for his new DC digs so you wait in the bushes and watch the First-Family-in-Waiting play with their new puppy?

Okay, you do. I do. Everyone does. But really, let’s not give them the stalkery vibe right yet, okay?

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5 thoughts on “This Town is Obama-Crazy!

  1. Well, not *everyone* – I mean, I hope he does everything he’s promised, but how can he if he’s dodging paparazzi all day long?

    I don’t care where he lives, what he eats, or what kind of dog it is – as long as he does what he’s elected to do, that’s all I care about. *shrug* Guess I’m jaded…

  2. Wait a minute, don’t they have their housing situation covered for the next 4 years?
    I heard it has a big yard, private security, and a nice view on the Washington Monument.

  3. Sure, they get the White House, Patrick, but not til 20 January at noon or so. So, there’s some time in the meanwhile that they will spend in DC and will need a place to stay. I suspect the President Elect’s apartment isn’t going to cut it :)

  4. Nope. They have to find temporary digs. Although there are usually a long list of well-heeled DC families who offer up nice places for them.