Progress in Clarendon?

Hit the Bricks

The way they were tearing down the structure on Wilson at Highland, I was expecting that they might be keeping the ancient brick façade that used to house the Clarendon Valet, the British Goods store and the Viet Garden. Friday, as I walked by, it was apparent that was no longer the case. Everything behind the Hard Times all the way through to the next block was a big ol’ pile of rubble, making way for a new office tower. It’s not the only lot in Clarendon that’s looking more like war-zone than anything else: the lot between Danville & Cleveland is all clear now, as well, waiting to be…who knows what. But, the nice thing I love about that neighborhood: chances are, it’s not just another chain. Unless it’s retail, then we’re pretty much boned.

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3 thoughts on “Progress in Clarendon?

  1. Yeah, rode by that on Saturday… funny, on the south side of the construction zone it mentioned ‘Restoration of the “facade” done by {insert company name]’… i guess with the economic climate, folks could car less about history.

    I really despise how built up the area’s been getting, better possibly for the “economy” there, but it’s lost it’s charm and feel.

  2. You know, I don’t so much mind the change of the neighborhood, I think it’s come a long way from being one strip of car dealerships after another. We see more office buildings, yes, and we see more large buildings, yes, but it’s good for the county in terms of revenue, and in terms of development and jobs. I can’t see a problem with that.