Buy a Raffle Ticket, Win a House?

Raffle Tickets
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What happens when the real estate market takes a total shit and you can’t sell your $1 Million house? Well, Raffle it off at $50/ticket instead. So, if you’re interested in a $1M house in Annapolis, you can buy a ticket, or two, or a dozen. The drawing’s the last day of the year, and there’s some charity benefit to it all, as a charity must be involved in any raffle like this. If they sell enough tickets, the house will be yours, free and clear.

Except for 40% taxes, which amount to a cool $400k.

Oh, and Real Estate taxes. So it’s not free. Or cheap. But, you could get a $1M house for $400k…

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One thought on “Buy a Raffle Ticket, Win a House?

  1. You can find tickets for this raffle at as well as a listing of other raffles that are happening in the United States. So even if you don’t want a house in Annapolis, Maryland but you would like to take a chance at a home somewhere else, you can find other raffles listed here.

    For those non-profit organizations and homeowners who would like to do a home raffle, this website serves as a matchmaking place for you. (Most raffles need to be done by a Non-profit organization in order to be legal)