DCRA says Rent Away!

Dupont Town Houses
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One of the things that’s kept us from running a piece on renting out your place for the inauguration is that it can be an incredible hassle to operate as a bed and breakfast in DC. There’s inspections from DCRA, licensing, paperwork and you’d probably want a lawyer by the end of all of it. Fortunately, though, Mayor Fenty issued an executive order yesterday that make it all on the up and up to rent your place out for the Inaugural without having to jump through all the hoops.

You can rent your place from January 13th to January 27th, 2009, without having to do all the paperwork hoops.

So. I, uh, I guess we better start writing that feature. Look for it next week some time!

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2 thoughts on “DCRA says Rent Away!

  1. There is a person at my workplace that is going to do it. Lot of $$$ involved. Could pay for rent for a year, if one is thoughtful enough to ask for the right price. Long-live Craislist.

  2. I heard ( On TMZ which is all the way in Cali) that Gtown students are even renting their dorm rooms. HA HA. I wonder does that include meals in the cafeeria?