Maryland Switches Unemployment Payments to Debit Card

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I’m not sure I like the idea, but Maryland is switching the payment method on unemployment benefits from checks to a prepaid debit card. They’re saying it’ll save them $400,000 in printing & postage, but I fear that fraud would go up, as I suspect they’re more theft-prone in this current state.

Plus, do we really need to stigmatize these folks when they use the cards in public? Or will a Maryland Unemployment Benefits Visa be the new caché method for paying in this new economy?

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2 thoughts on “Maryland Switches Unemployment Payments to Debit Card

  1. What if I want to work for Md. Unemployment. I have worked in the Human resource field for ten years and am currently the recruiter/interviewer for the Washington Nationals baseball team. I know I could be great asset by putting people to work which has always been a number one goal in my life. All of my past jobs have been working with people and I would like more info. if possible. Most other employers in this field require a college degree which I believe experience is the only way to do this job. I have been to unemployment offices and seen some uncaring people. That is not me. I was employee of the month for my current job with the Nationals (the first usher to do so)and, was employee of the year with the Hechinger Co. Human Resource dept. I don’t want rewards or awards all I want is a job that I can do the most for the most people. You won’t be sorry.

  2. I don’t know about this card. It would seem to me some people who processed the old way lost their job which i believe unemployment should be in the business of creating jobs. Also the wasted time on the phone checking balances or, in my case, just to see if I have been granted funds, diverts my time in securing employment.