Run Like Hell

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Tonight’s Tomorrow is the annual lighting of the National Christmas Tree. President Bush will get in his limo at the back of the motorcade, drive a block and a half, and then get out at the Ellipse to take his spot in the heated box with the cool button where they’ll light up the Tree.

This means: The entire downtown core is going to be absolutely berserk starting right about NOW this time tomorrow. So, downtown core workers, run like hell. Or, walk downstairs, get a bottle of bourbon and a bottle of coke, and spend the next three hours in your office getting a little schnockered.

Either way. Leave work now.

Edit Sigh. When I drove by the Ellipse at 2pm today, and saw the towers & amps already flown for the event tomorrow evening, I assumed it was tonight. Apologies to everyone who went and got drunk thanks to my post. At least now you’ll have a hangover and won’t have to come in tomorrow? My advice for tomorrow: Get out early.

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2 thoughts on “Run Like Hell

  1. Oh bugger, you’re right, Greg, it’s Thursday. I drove Constitution at midday, and all the speakers and amplifiers were already flown, and I assumed it was tonight. Why fly those with a frigid night ahead?! Oh well. Not my AV show to run.